Congratulations, Kim!

Gray & Pape is pleased to announce that Kim Smith, a Principal Investigator based in our Providence, Rhode Island, office was recently elected to serve on the Standards Board of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). This important role within the organization means that Kim will be working with other board members to  hear and decide on all appeals from decisions of the Registrar, a member of the Board of Directors, and shall make final decisions regarding the disciplinary action resulting from complaints of violations of the Code of Conduct
and the Standards of Research Performance that are referred to the Standards Board by the Grievance Coordinator. In Kim’s position statement, reviewed by all voting members of the RPA, she affirmed that “If elected to the Standards Committee, I will review all available information for each complaint of violations of the Registrar’s membership and will make fair and impartial determinations. I will provide clear and detailed reasoning for my decisions, which will be founded on the available facts. I am interested in serving in this capacity because I firmly believe that ethics violations harm our profession and our public reputation. It is often detrimental to preserving the archaeological record. However, I also recognize that unsubstantiated grievance could harm an individual’s career and livelihood. Recognizing this, I would take this role seriously and bring an unbiased perspective to this committee.”

We have no doubt that Kim will be a valued member of the Standards Board and that she will continue to be an asset to the RPA membership! Congratulations, Kim!