Coming Soon: Deeply Rooted Heritage Podcast


DESCRIPTION: In our society, memory and cultural heritage are commonly shared through oral histories and storytelling. As Americans, we are deeply rooted with traditions, customs, and stories that capture our individual ethnic identity. When used to preserve cultural resources and heritage, oral histories and newspapers enhance contextual histories by offering remnants of the past that would otherwise be lost.  For many, American history and cultural heritage are separate ideals instead of shared resources. The Deeply Rooted Heritage Podcast and Blog aims to build on Gray & Pape’s cultural heritage focus by inspiring an appreciation of cultural heritage and intangible culture by presenting untold histories and discussing relevant matters in the fields of historic preservation, architecture, urban planning, public policy, social history, environmental conservation, museum studies, and archaeology.

As a cultural heritage and public history project, Deeply Rooted Heritage seeks to honor the challenges of underrepresented groups in America, whether it be Native American, African American, Jewish American, Chinese American, Muslim American, Hispanic, LGBT, etc., and elucidate how shared heritage amalgamates us as Americans, yet express ethnic diversity. The customs, traditions, and stories that make us unique need to be captured, studied, and better understood by us all. Deeply Rooted seeks to achieve this goal by cultivating a general appreciation for American cultural history through shared heritage.