Technical Services

Gray & Pape’s Technical Services Group offers a variety of technological and design services, including a full-service laboratory; publication and graphic design; and GIS and electronic mapping. The group provides support for staff at all five Gray & Pape locations, including assistance with fieldwork, analysis, research, mapping, database management, and report preparation. Gray & Pape uses a robust software package to track all aspects of archaeological projects from field work to lab work to post-excavation analysis. The Technical Services Group oversees the tracking and management of data streams across all divisions of the company creating a seamless workflow and detail-oriented approach at all levels. The work of this specialized and talented staff ensures high-quality products that have gone through a thorough quality-control system to create deliverables specifically tailored to client and agency specifications.

Laboratory Services

  • Prehistoric and historical artifact analysis
  • Archaeological resource interpretation
  • Soil flotation
  • Refitting analysis
  • Replicative systems analysis, including lithic, osseous, wooden, and composite tools
  • Lithic catchment studies
  • Lithic quarry identification and analysis
  • Replicated tools for museums, universities, and microwear researchers
  • Curation of artifacts and project documentation

Geographical Information Systems/Electronic Mapping Services

  • Coordinate project mapping efforts
  • Collect and analyze field mapping data
  • Acquire and manage client data
  • Analyze and interpret spatial data to answer research questions
  • Aerial and satellite imagery

Publication and Design Services

  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Interpretative displays, signage, and exhibits
  • Public documents
  • Website content development
  • Technical editing
  • Report production