Our Value – Health & Safety

Our Values – Health & Safety

Safety is a core value at Gray & Pape. We maintain a high standard of safety throughout all operations and ensure all employees receive accident prevention and safety training programs. As a corporation, we take safety seriously and incorporate safe practices and policies geared to promoting well-being into all aspects of our work. The safety program is managed through our Human Resources Department, and all safety incidents are reported directly to the president of the company. We make every effort to guarantee the safety or employees and any individuals they may encounter in the field, as well as in our office settings. The firm has an extensive safety plan that applies to both field and office procedures. Safety procedures begin with providing the right tools and equipment for our project teams and end with a thorough review of each and every safety incident either in the field or in the office. A copy of our safety plan is available upon request.


All regular Gray & Pape field employees are certified annually in first aid and CPR. In addition, all are provided appropriate OSHA training as competent persons when working in or near deep excavations. While in the field, Gray & Pape crews conduct safety checks daily, including daily vehicle inspections, daily safety briefings, and daily reviews of project and field conditions that may affect health and well-being. All safety materials are incorporated into our standard project protocols so crews develop safe working habits and are completely comfortable with the procedures.

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