Dayton Masonic Temple History

In late 2012, Gray & Pape, Inc. conducted a thorough investigation of existing conditions at the 1928 Dayton Masonic Center in order to prepare this architectural description of the building, its rooms, finishes, and furnishings. The study’s approach included:

  • Preparation of extensive field notes and photographs on-site to detail the current appearance of the building’s exterior and interior features, significant elements, and materials
  • Review of the building’s original floor plans and elevations, as well as photographs taken at the building’s opening, to identify extant original features
  • Consultation of secondary sources on the history of Masonic building types and styles in order to evaluate the significance of extant features and to place them into a broader context

Primary and secondary sources were consulted for information regarding changes to the Masonic Center’s appearance, materials, or uses of space from the date of construction to the present. Historical photographs of the Masonic Center from construction to the present were acquired from the Masonic Center’s archives, local newspaper articles, and files from the Dayton Metro Library’s Local History Room. Written accounts concerning the building’s construction, usage, and appearance were collected from these same locations.