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Chatham Historic Property Survey

In 2011, Gray & Pape conducted a town-wide architectural survey of historical resources 50 years or older for Chatham, MA, continuing a comprehensive assessment began in 2007 to document the town’s historical and architectural resources, concentrating on the downtown business area. Gray & Pape conducted background research on the town and its development, as well as on its architectural development and legacy. Gray & Pape staff also consulted with the Chatham Historical Commission and the local project coordinator for the Town of Chatham’s Department of Community Development at the end of each phase of the project. The final report outlined research sources identified, field strategies, context development approach, and decision-making structure for the project. It included a street index of inventoried properties, a list of National Register of Historic Places recommendations, and suggestions for future research and planning, resulting in a valuable planning tool for the Town of Chatham for years to come.

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