Gray & Pape’s Cincinnati office building in the early 1930s when it was Kuhlmann Hardware Co.

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Contact: Mike Striker
Phone: 513.287.7700
Fax: 513.287.7703
Location: 1318 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Located in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, our corporate headquarters occupy a building built in the 1850s as two separate structures. Originally, both buildings had commercial space on the first floor and residential apartments on the upper floors. From 1856 to 1920, the southern building served as one of several bakeries operating along Main Street. The northern building served the neighborhood as a hardware store for almost 100 years (see above image), from 1858 to 1955. The buildings were combined around 1956 and used as a clothing store until 1971. The building stood mostly vacant for the next 20 years, until occupied for its current use in 1991.

Richmond, Virginia

Contact: Katie Stefanic
Phone: 540.395.6729
Location: 2119 East Franklin Street, Terrace Level
Richmond, Virginia 23223

Gray & Pape’s Richmond office is located within a commercial building on East Franklin Street that was once a tobacco warehouse dating to circa 1910. Situated in what is now the Shockoe Valley and Tobacco Row Historic District, the office vicinity is one of the earliest focal points of historic settlement within the City of Richmond. Following the relocation of Virginia’s capital from Williamsburg to Richmond in 1780, the Shockoe Valley area grew quickly to accommodate the rapidly expanding tobacco trade market. The processing of tobacco within central Virginia from field to market reached its height in the 1840s, with a local Richmond newspaper describing one of the larger storage warehouses as being 2.5 acres in size.  The neighborhoods surrounding these warehouse structures contained a diverse mix of commercial enterprises, including a public marketplace, numerous taverns, shops, and hotels. Today, while many of the remaining tobacco warehouse structures have been repurposed for residential living, the Shockoe Valley neighborhood retains its busy commercial character.

Providence, RI Office

Providence, Rhode Island

Contact: Kristen Heitert

Phone: 401.273.9900
Fax: 401.273.9944

Location: The Plant, 60 Valley Street Suite 103, 

Providence, Rhode Island 02909

The complex of buildings at 60 Valley Street is made up of conjoined buildings built during different historic periods over more than 200 years. In 1773, Christopher Olney, operator of the Rising Sun Paper Mill, constructed a one-story building for use as a paper mill, calling it the Brown George. After several different owners, the Brown George became part of the Providence Bleaching Dyeing and Calendaring Company (PBD&C) in 1845. Many improvements and expansions were made in phases to the buildings and surrounding land to modernize the plant between 1845 and 1918. A three-story building parallel to the bleach house was constructed for bleaching, packing, and storage. By 1900, the two buildings were combined into one and, between 1843 and 1888, several modifications and additions expanded the operations of PDB&C. The mill continued its operations into the twentieth century, eventually specializing in fast-color vat dyeing of cotton fabrics and the finishing of heavyweight fabrics. After World War II, the company equipped the plant for dyeing and finishing synthetic materials. During the next few years, the company was unable to secure a profitable market and was eventually liquidated in 1952 after 137 years of operation.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact: Jeff Laswell
Phone: 317.541.8200

Location: 8902 Otis Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46216

Gray & Pape’s Indianapolis office is located on the grounds of historic Fort Benjamin Harrison, what was originally a 2500-acre Army base started in 1906. Named after the 23rd President of the United States and Indianapolis native, “Fort Ben,” as it’s called locally, developed in phases over the years as the military needs of the country ebbed and flowed. This building was constructed in 1939 from stock plans produced by the Quartermaster General’s Office and there is a matching building directly across the street. The 2 ½ story red brick Colonial Revival building with a two-story verandah supported by paired brick columns served many functions including a barracks, a hotel for visiting offices, and beginning in 1942, as the U.S. Army Chaplain School. The first class included 75 chaplains and training consisted of 28-day cycles with 200 hours of instruction. Fort Benjamin Harrison was recommended for closure in 1991 and officially closed in 1995. Extensive efforts and planning were undertaken to reuse the land and facilities left behind. In 1995, over 100 resources and 340 acres were listed in the National Register of Historic Places. An additional 1700 acres were converted into Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park. Since then, various historic rehabilitation tax credit projects have taken place at Fort Ben to create the vibrant residential and commercial center it is today.

Houston, TX Office

Houston, Texas

Contact: Jim Hughey
Phone: 713.541.0473
Fax: 713.541.0479

Location: 110 Avondale Street, Houston, Texas 77006

Gray & Pape’s Houston office is a Neoclassical two-story building constructed in 1909 for John and Florida Bishop. Located in what is now the Avondale East Historic District, the area is part of an early twentieth-century affluent Houston community once home to many of Houston’s early business and social leaders, including Ross Sterling – founder of Humble Oil and a former Texas Governor.

Atlanta, Georgia

Contact: Brandon McCuin
Phone: 513.376.0007

Frederick, Maryland

Contact: Chris Polglase
Phone: 301.525.6631

Pensacola, Florida

Contact: John Rawls 
Email:             jrawls@graypape
Phone: 850.384.6812 

Port Charlotte, Florida

Contact: Ryan Van Dyke
Phone: 713.819.9509

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Contact: Amanda Evans
Phone: 850.445.5794 

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