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Maritime Services

Gray & Pape’s Maritime Services team provides a wide range of domestic and international cultural heritage services. With multiple office across the eastern United States, the team provides clients working in a variety of marine environments with the cultural heritage management services required to make informed proactive choices to meet project goals, while effectively navigating regulatory environments.  We regularly complete office and field based studies for our clients utilizing state-of-the-art GIS and remote sensing tool kits. Our clients include state and local governments, oil and gas and offshore wind developers, and resource managers.

Services include:

  • Desktop studies, risk assessments, and predictive modeling
  • Strategic advice on scopes of work, budgeting, and staffing
  • Remote sensing and archaeological baseline surveys, resource evaluation, and site mitigation
  • Provision of recommendations to the project’s offshore survey contractors on archaeological survey specifications
  • Analysis of geophysical survey data supplied by the project’s offshore survey contractors
  • Diver investigations to examine or mitigate sites
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) and archaeological monitoring plans
  • Geomorphological data review and analyses
  • Hydroprobes and geotechnical analysis
  • International impact assessment support

Offshore Wind Capabilities

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