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Dulles Section 106 Process Cultural Resources Support

Gray & Pape, Inc. provides on-call Section 106 consultation services in support of the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority’s Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. Gray & Pape works as part of the MWAA’s advisory team, coordinating our efforts with MWAA, the DCMP team, and the Dulles Rail Consultants.


Under the terms of this contract, Gray & Pape prepared a revised Determination of Effects Report addressing effects upon historic properties resulting from the development of an aerial alignment at the Dulles terminal (2011), attended coordination meetings with the Virginia SHPO and other consulting parties, assisted in the development of revisions to the existing MOA, and developed treatment plans and mitigation measures to implement the terms of the revised MOA (2011). Gray & Pape participated in the process for selecting consultants to execute treatment plans, and assists MWAA with technical oversight of the selected consultants.


Gray & Pape has also conducted archaeological investigations on behalf of DCMP, including preparation of a Prehistoric Resources Treatment Plan (2012) and Phase I investigations of soil stockpile areas (2013).

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