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Kentucky Cultural Heritage Driving Trails Program

This project was designed to produce a comprehensive plan providing the Kentucky Heritage Council and Department of Travel with the information and tools needed to designate a high-quality network of cultural and heritage driving trails throughout the state. The intent of the program was to delineate and designate cultural and heritage trails within the Commonwealth according to thematic and geographic categories developed through a public participation process. Qualifying criteria for trails were developed to create a network of trails providing a consistent level of quality and authenticity of experience. This program was a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Kentucky Heritage Council, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and the Kentucky Department of Travel. Partnering groups from throughout the Commonwealth included state and local planning agencies; national, state, and local parks; public and private economic development and tourism agencies or organizations; historic sites; local governments; historic preservation, history, and archaeology interest groups; arts and cultural organizations; wilderness, wildlife, and recreation groups; and other interested parties. Used in concert with other initiatives, such as TEA-21 and Main Street programs, the cultural and heritage trails program is an important tool for developing new areas of heritage tourism and sustainable economic development throughout Kentucky.

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